About project

Vozrastech / Технологии для возраста

The target of Vozrastech is to create the community in Russian agetech, which are underdeveloped now.

We work to give seniors access to high quality of life that can be achieved through tech solutions.


Vozrastech is based on team of enthusiasts, created by Vadim Barausov in St. Petersburg, Russia with support from Fund 60+.


Key areas for Vozrastech are ADL, care and care coordination, communications and entertainment, with additional focus on health and medicine).

What we are looking for: voice assistants, smart homes, IoT, PERS, mobile apps for social communications, care management systems, cognitive and rehabilitation training services – just a few of examples. It’s open list.


Our work

What we do in Vozrastech

  • Promoting innovations
  • Searching for ideas
  • Working together, sharing knowledge
  • Creating working effective solutions.  

Vital part of the project is to bring the best practice from around the world to Russia.

The project was  launched in the end of 2018. 

We organized first Russian agetech market conference in St. Petersburg and other events, created agetech market maps, helped elders with digitalization during lockdown in 2020-2021 etc.


We see startups, tech companies, pension and VC funds, asset management companies, care providers, real estate developers, research and educational organizations among the project’s partners.

We are looking for EU startups and tech companies who are interested in Russian market and ready to discuss opportunities.


Vadim Barausov
+7 921 932 64 16